How to order

Chose the item you want to order from the galleries. In the legends you will find the price and the order code. Start by sending an enquiry to concerning the total price (including shipment). 

Some items are available as second choice with minor flaws at reduced prices. Do not hesitate to ask for the overview (pdf, german descriptions) of the second choice items.


Shipment in most cases costs are 19 worldwide. Shipment within Germany costs 8.  Customs and other fees have to be dealt with by the purchaser.

Next, you will receive an e-mail answer stating availability of the item, total costs and money transfer details. Buyers from the EU can pay by bank transfer, buyers from the US will need a Paypal account.
If you are happy with the answer, confirm your order, state your delivery address and transfer the indicated amount.
As soon as the transfer is complete, your parcel will be posted (except in cases where the item/s is/are not available and a delivery time has been agreed).

Note: Since Schwarzweisskeramik produces handmade pottery there is always the possibility of minor deviations in form and size. To make sure you get what you want, you can use your initial inquiry to ask for a picture of the very item that is to be sent to you.

Of course, it is also possible to order by phone, fax or letter.


Custom made items
Send your inquiry regarding custom made items to



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