Soap lids and lid rests

Schwarzweisskeramik has developed a unique device for storing and using shaving soap: the soap lid. Compared with the usual method of leaving the soap in the bottom of the shaving bowl, the soap lid offers a number of advantages:

- Only the amount of soap actually needed is released with the wet brush; this enables the user to use his soap in a much more economic way.
- The soap lid allows better control of the consistency of the lather.
- Stored in the lid, the soap stays fresh and does not dry out as easily.

The handles of the soap lids allow easy and safe grip. Also, the lids can be rested upside down on the handles.

Normally, it is sufficient to rinse the lid after use and store it upside down in the mug.


In the "special offers" section, you will find a set of for soap lids and rests for only € 49. You can compose your own set from the colours and versions offered here:

Versions, dimensions, prices


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