Special offers

Special Edition 2017 Basic Scuttle

Finally a new SWK Special Edition featuring the amazing "runny glaze": At 1220C it crawls down the black, creating its unpredictable colour play. Only ten of these unique pieces have been made, three are stil left.

Measurements (approx.): Height 9 cm, Diameter 15 cm.

Price: 69,-


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Soap grater

Tired of fighting over the use of the kitchen grater to grind down your soap? Then it is time to get this special grater for soaps. Made of stainless steel and ideal for grating shaving soaps that are to be transformed into containers (e.g. the SWK soap lid). Features a loop to hang it from.

Measurements: Length 24 cm, width 6 cm.

Preis: 8,-

The lid offer


Special offer for Soap users: four soap lid/rest sets. Choose the designs you like.

Order code ASDT, price 49.

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