One of a kind...

Although my products are never identical because they are hand-shaped, there are some items with a special scarcity value. These are partly shaving scuttles and mugs, partly non- shaving-related objects.

But see for yourself:

TRIO (no longer produced), all black. Order code: ET 1, Price € 40.


L-Scuttle, black, with thumb handle (no longer produced). Order code: ET 2, price € 84.


S-Scuttle, black and white (no longer produced).

Order code: ET3, price € 79.


L-Scuttle, black and white (no longer produced)
Order code: ET4, price € 84


Vase with Lava design (at 1220°C top temperature the glaze melts and runs down the sides of the object, creating a unique  play of colours. Hight: 15,5 cm, top diameter: 12 cm. Order code: ET5 5, prices € 49.


Vase with Lava design. Height: 12,5 cm, diameter top: 13,5 cm. Order code: ET 6, price: € 49.

Second choice items

Despite all diligence in the making, some items have minor flaws after the firing. I offer these items at reduced prices. Ask here for the current pdf featuring second choice items.


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